There’s the happy parents, Cindy and Tom Kula, with their beautiful new daughter, say hello to Adalynn Anne.

Cindy was expected to be due on June 3, but Adalynn just couldn't wait.

            And after stopping by the McGee Women's Hospital at UPMC Hamot Saturday night, nurses determined it wasn't just a regular cramp Cindy was feeling, and she was admitted.

And at 2:19 Sunday morning, Adalynn came into the world, at six pounds, eleven ounces and 20 inches tall.

And there's some family visiting earlier to see the new baby.

Here's what the new couple had to say about their sweet surprise

“[We’re] very excited, and obviously nervous. But, we're ready." Cindy said

Barring any problems, the Kula’s will be able to take their new baby home Wednesday, and we're told her older half-sister is just as excited for her brand new baby half-sister to come home.