There are still lots of questions surrounding the future of a new Popeye's Fast Food Restaurant on West 12th Street in Millcreek.

From the outside, it appears to be ready, but the doors have remained closed for months.

Many people have been stopping by the restaurant asking people when the doors will finally open up.

We here at Erie News Now had similar questions, so we stopped by ourselves and met a man working on the property outside the building who told us he was an employee there.

We asked the man if he knew anything about why the restaurant hadn't opened yet and he told us “it's just been a string of bad luck.”

When asked about the delays, he said “I am just as frustrated with all of this as everyone else is”

However, there is some good news. The employee said they are on the right track now and could be open soon after a little more work.

Just this week, Popeye’s got their license to open from the Erie County Health Department, which he said was a big hurdle to cross.

The facade has also seen some upgrades this week as well as the landscaping.

Millcreek Township has insisted that the delays are not on their end but with the business itself.