‘Tis the season, on Thursday, Erie city street crews were out, starting to pave some of the worst streets in Erie.

The Bureau of Streets is spending $700,000 of its budget on paving this spring and summer. Crews started work Thursday, milling and resurfacing West 10th street, between Liberty and Poplar.

Another 4.2 Million will go to local contractors to do the paving work around the city.

With the harsh winter we've had, a lot of city streets were badly damaged, and the city will get to those streets that are worst off, this paving season, “The harsh winter really did do a number on our roads this year, and they've all be evaluated and we're going to do about 32 lane miles of paving this year,” said City Engineer Jon Tushak. “Improved streets and ride ability will make the city a more inviting place, we're doing a  lot of work at some of the gateways and downtown areas, as well as residential areas,” Tushak added.

Take a look at what streets are on schedule to be paved the season: