Erie attorney Ron DiNicola, a boxer back in his Marine Corps days, delivered a knock out punch to the two other candidates in the Democratic primary for U.S. Congress.

He thanked his Erie campaign supporters, including 95-year-old Aunt Sarah Cavicchio, who worked the polls all election day.

DiNicola declared victory with his wife, Monica, and three daughters joining the celebration.

His win in the new 16th Congressional district was fueled by taking nearly 90 percent of the vote in Erie County.

DiNicola said he is ready to take on Rep. Mike Kelly and show voters a very different approach to the region's problems.

"I'm going to give them a real choice this time," said DiNicola. "I don't think that Mike Kelly has really had a real challenge yet for a long time. I think I'll be that real challenger. I joined the Marines when I was 17 because I wanted a challenge and I wanted to serve my country. I feel like I'm in that same situation now."

By the way, Aunt Sarah turns 96 next month.

Kelly, who is a Republican, was unopposed in the primary.

In a statement, he said, "I am overwhelmingly excited to be running on a record of good news, real accomplishments, and one of the best constituent service operations in the nation."