If you've driven down peach street or have walked around city hall lately, chances are you may have noticed an unsightly piece of land.  It's supposed to be the city's urban rain garden, but in recent years, it's become so overgrown that some are calling it an eyesore.

A thin strip of land in between the Erie Police Station and Gannon’s Hammermill Center is the property in question. Erie News Now wanted to find out who was responsible for taking care of this land and as it turns out, no one is.

Erie News Now talked with the city arborist, Sarah Galloway who declined to do an on-camera interview, but told us that the city has struggled the last few years with finding someone to take care of this rain garden.

Galloway said, the rain garden is a volunteer project and they haven’t been able to secure a volunteer to help manage it.

When the garden was first put in back in 2006, it was well kept, with a walkway through the middle, but that walkway has since disappeared, along with some stone benches as well.

After pressing more city officials, we’re told that a resolution could be in the works in the near future.