Erie's population continues to slide downward, but Mayor Joe Schember said he has a plan to bring people back to the city.

The City of Erie's population stands at 97,369, which is down more than 1,200 from 2016, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

The mayor said the key to stopping the downward trend is family-sustaining jobs, so he has hired a business development officer who works full-time to just bring jobsto the city.

Mayor Schember said another important part of the equation is good housing, which includes bringing more apartments and condos to the city.

"Number one is the family-sustaining jobs," said Mayor Schember. "People won't be leaving. I have two children - one in San Francisco, one in Albany, New York. They both have great jobs; they can't find similar jobs here. They'd love to be back home here living and working, so getting those family-sustaining jobs is really important."

Mayor Schember said the business development officer is working to help keep small businesses in the city and work with employers outside Erie to bring new businesses in.