Democrat Ron DiNicola's campaign for U.S. Congress has released a new poll that shows DiNicola only slightly behind incumbent Republican Mike Kelly.

Normington Petts & Associates last week talked by phone with 400 likely voters in the new 16th Congressional district.

It shows DiNicola is six points down with 44 percent to Kelly's 50 percent. That's with a margin of error of nearly 5 percent.

Among voters who say they definitely plan to vote in November, DiNicola comes within two percentage points.

When the pollsters shared positive paragraphs on both candidates, they said DiNicola pulled ahead of Kelly with messaging on being a Marine, his work in the community and taking on special interests.

The DiNicola team sees similarities to a special election in the Pittsburgh area earlier this year.

"Our district is very similar to Conor Lamb's, and he won that district with a lot of Republicans and Democrats that came out to vote," said Phil Friedman, co-chair for Ron DiNicola's campaign. "Democrats are energized to vote, and we think the result is going to be the same here, and the polls are showing that."

After the redistricting that puts all of Erie County in the new 16th district, Republicans still have a four point edge.

We reached out to Mike Kelly's office about the poll but are still waiting to hear back.