Erie News Now received photos this week from Waterford business owners clearly showing drivers are not following the borough's new back-in angled parking on Routes 19 & 97.

Shannon Hannah fears for his children's safety.

“People back over the curb every day,” Hannah said. “If you come down in the morning, you'll see trucks on this end of town over the curb and almost into the buildings sometimes.”

Critics argue the new parking is creating more accidents, saying those situations are becoming more frequent.

So Wednesday, we wanted to see for ourselves. Hannah let us shoot video from his home on High St. (Rt. 19/97) where we found one driver trying to back in, forced to leave their spot because other drivers were right on their bumper, leaving them without room to back in again. Cases like that, have turned to this: Drivers double parking, other drivers -- even Pennsylvania State Police -- just pulling in head first like the way it was before the lines were repainted last summer.

“As far as back-in parking, it's a complete disaster,” said Hannah.

By and large, Hannah says most of the 15,000 motorists who pass through or park in Waterford every day follow the rules. But for those who don't, what are the repercussions?

After all, the Pennsylvania driver's manual -- page 51 -- clearly states a driver should "always park in the direction traffic moves." State Police can ticket offenders as can Waterford borough, which business owners tell us are $25. But, the borough doesn't have their own police department.

One business owner tells us it's reached the point where the borough has virtually stopped ticketing, because it costs more money than it's worth to file the ticket with local district judge.

“The parking in Waterford needs to be put back to the way it was,” Hannah said.

Now, there is a new law with no real way to enforce it.