Investigators are now searching for the cause of a major overnight fire in Warren.

The fire gutted the 43 year old Warren Tire Center on Pennsylvania Avenue East.

It is believed the fire started in the rear of the business, but it is not known what actually sparked the blaze.

About 60 firefighters from Warren and seven other departments spent hours putting out the flames.

There were no serious injuries.

Three nearby homes received minor damage.

The fire was fueled by 2200 gallons of waste oil in tanks that ruptured, plus thousands of tires stored in an adjacent warehouse.

The owner says he is insured and intends to rebuild.

But still, the loss is devastating.

Warren Tire Center Owner Corky Fry said, "I am still numb. There are 14 of us who work there. We are like family. It is tough on them as it is on me."

Warren firefighters say the intense heat and proximity of houses made the fight especially difficult.

The burning tires were also a big challenge for the crews.

Warren Fire Department Lt. Andy Mohr said, "Tires do not extinguish easily. A lot of foam, a lot of water, a lot of time."