The group Erie County United, along with volunteers and other sponsors, organized a march on downtown Erie Thursday.

It was part of a national effort to revive Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Poor People's Campaign. The campaign challenges the structures that perpetuate poverty and systemic racism in America.

"Today, we’re out here marching on poverty, to speak out on the poverty level in the city, and I wish, we want to see a change in the poverty level," said Lonnie Sherrod, a volunteer with Erie County United. "Living on $7.25 is not a fair wage to live on here in the city of Erie."

Organizers said downtown Erie is the most unequal city in the country for black residents and is the poorest zip code in the state.

Marchers started at the Martin Luther King Center and headed to Perry Square, where they held a rally calling for change in the city. Speakers quoted MLK and focused on equitable local development having community benefits agreements, affordable housing, hiring Erie residents for development projects and bringing back family-sustaining jobs.