BRADFORD COUNTY, P.A.  - Residents in Franklin Township are trying to remain positive after Wednesday's tornado hit their small town they call home.

"A little overwhelmed I guess, there's a lot going on. Everyone is safe and we're getting the horses checked out so, we need to move forward," said Jennifer Welch, a resident of Bradford County.

Jennifer Welch and her husband are one of the many couples in Bradford County whose lives were changed in a blink of an eye. Wednesday's tornado, left some homes unrecognizable. Cars and trailers were destroyed and massive trees were uprooted. Utility workers were on scene before sunrise, trying to restore people's homes that were left without power.

When we asked Jennifer Welch's husband, Ken, how their house was inside he told us, "Fine, I mean, the only thing that's really damaged is the roof. I mean that's like all hardwood flooring in the attic so, I mean honestly that's probably what saved us."

The National weather service arrived on scene around 10:30 Thursday morning and after conducting a damage assessment, they confirmed a tornado touched down in Franklin Township.

Dave Geer says he's lived in Bradford County for 40 years, and has never seen anything like this before.

Geer added, "I lost part of my barn roof, but, that and a few trees, that was the major, damage that I got. So, its scary, mother nature is pretty strong sometimes."

According to the National Weather Service, no injuries have been reported.