Residents of Garden Court between West 6 and 7 St. in City of Erie are against one of their neighboring homes being used for student housing.

Neighbors lined up to voice their disapproval at Tuesday's zoning hearing.

The property manager asked for a variance to allow them to use the house as a rental for Gannon University students.

However, the variance was turned down because it failed to meet the mandatory criteria.

Residents said their historical neighborhood has been a residential zone since the early 1900s, and it is meant to stay that way.

"It's not to be a boarding house; it's not to be housing for Gannon students," said Ian Murray, a Garden Court resident. "It's Garden Court with a shared garden and residents living there. I believe the character of the neighborhood mandates that this variance is not granted."

The zoning board voted 5-0 against the variance because it did not demonstrate hardship.