The most serious charges have been dismissed against one of the three Erie-area men charged in the hazing death of a fraternity brother at Penn State University during a preliminary hearing Wednesday,

Joshua Kurczewski, 20, is heading to trial on charges including several counts for hazing and selling/furnishing liquor to a minor. He is also charged with a count of purchasing alcohol beverage by a minor.

Aggravated assault, involuntary manslaughter and simple assault charges were withdrawn. Recklessly endangering another person, hazing and two alcohol charges were dismissed.

Multiple charges against Kurczewski were originally dismissed during a previous round of preliminary hearings in May but later refiled.

Kurczewski was charged among a second group of fraternity brothers, which is why he is being tried at a different time than the rest of the group.

The rest of the brothers have a preliminary hearing scheduled for July 23, but we are told it will likely be delayed.