A little over a week ago, Whitnie Sullivan was attacked outside of her workplace of Walgreens. "I got to work that night and I was walking down the sidewalk and I was kind of on the outside closer to the cars, and I remember seeing a gentleman a little bit closer to the doors," Whitnie said.

" I was probably about 5 to 10 feet from the front doors and I saw a gentleman and I kind of looked at him gave him a half smile and I looked back down at something right as I was about parallel with him he I heard him yell you (expletive) and he lunged," she remembered.

Then, she says her attacker backed into the store after some bystanders scared him off. The store patrons, she named as Tim and Nancy, watched over her and called 911. "Nancy was on the phone with 911 and 911 was telling her to have me lie down and so they tried to get me to lie down and I started kind of choking and so they sat me back up until the fireman got there," she said.

Another woman, Melody, and her daughter were at the scene and rushed to help. Melody cradled Whitnie and soothed her until emergency crews arrived. Whitnie described it, "she just kind of hugged me from behind and kept telling me its going to be okay and you got this the police are coming you're going to be taken care of."

Whitnie says the support from the community, her workplace of Walgreens and her school LECOM has been astounding. "There's all these people here in Erie that I've never met and they're all they're all champing me on you got this you're doing so well and all the prayers have been very greatly appreciated."

As for what she'll do next? She and her family plan to stay in Erie until after the preliminary hearing is over and then going to their home in Utah. That hearing is scheduled for next Wednesday.

She hopes that the sentencing for her attacker results in being put away. "I'm hoping that he gets put away, but I'm hoping it because if he goes to jail, if he goes to a group home, he'll get the attention and medication he needs on a daily basis," Whitnie said.

The family is still accepting donations via gofundme to help with her post-hospital costs, and continue to post updates on Facebook.