It was an anonymous letter from a student that has Fortis Institute in a bit of trouble. The self-described “new student” detailing some bad conditions at the school, which has the school’s accreditation in jeopardy.

Since then, several students have reached out to us to share their stories. Many of which are similar to what was included in that anonymous letter.

“It was really hard and discouraging because it's a place where you should learn and where you should better yourself and you want to make a career for yourself and when things like that happen it really brings you down and it hinders you,” 2017 Fortis graduate, who wishes to remain anonymous, said. “There were days when I didn't even want to go there.”

Fortis Institute is known for its welding, nursing and other trade programs. Several students say they don’t receive materials or text books until weeks into those programs. A few adding that they’ve had issues with instructors and nothing would be done about it.

“The time that I spent there was definitely memorable,” 2017 nursing graduate Mickenzie Wolfe said via email. “We had some awful instructors who would not show up to clinical, threatened students as well as swear at them.”

Students also claimed there’s unsanitary conditions in the classrooms and in the bathrooms. A few saying bathrooms don’t even have toilet paper.

Erie News Now reached out to Fortis Institute and officials there tell us all of these claims are false and that there’s no evidence to prove in writing or anything else that what these students are saying is true.

Still, the college faces losing its accreditation. That would mean students would be unable to get financial aid.

Fortis Institute is set to meet with the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools next month.