Three people - Tim and Nancy Brooks and Melody O'Connor - were honored by the City of Erie Thursday morning for coming to the aid of Whitnie Sullivan after her throat and face were slashed outside the Walgreens at 38th and Peach July 3.

We're told their quick first aid at the scene helped to save Sullivan's life.

Tim and Nancy Brooks were leaving the store when they were approached by the man charged in the attack, Steveland Robinson, who asked them for money, the Erie Police Chief Dan Spizarny said. They said they did not have any money.

A short time afterwards as they were walking to their car, they heard a scream and saw the same man standing over the woman, according to Spizarny. Tim Brooks immediately told Robinson to get off her, and Robinson ran into the store.

Tim Brooks found Sullivan bleeding from the face and neck, Spizarny said. Nancy Brooks immediately called 911 while Tim Brooks kept an eye on the suspect.

O'Connor and her daughter were in the drive-thru and saw help was needed, according to Spizarny. She applied direct pressure to the heavily bleeding wounds until ambulance crews arrived.

City of Erie Mayor Joe Schember also presented Whitnie Sullivan with a proclamation, recognizing her strength and courage since the brutal attack.