At Erie City Hall, Whitnie Sullivan became overcome with emotion as she was reunited with the citizens who helped rescue her.

"I've loved being able to actually give them a hug, and really thank them for all of their help that night." said Sullivan.

On Thursday, Tim and Nancy Brooks, along with Melody O'Connor, received an Award for Citizenship from the City of Erie, for helping save Sullivan's life.

"It's unreal what she's gone through,” said Mr. Brooks.  “If you would have seen the blood loss, you would have thought she would have never made it."

On July 3, Sullivan was walking in to the Walgreens where she worked, when she was violently attacked.

"I was just walking by him, I mean, we had no words exchanged, except for when I was about parallel with him,” said Sullivan.  “He yelled you b**** and lunged."

Steveland Robinson, 30, has since been charged with cutting Sullivan’s throat, and slashing her face with a box cutter.

"I remember looking up into Walgreens and into the store, and my attacker was standing in the doors, behind the glass doors,” said Sullivan.  “He was there all by himself, and he was just watching me."

Mr. and Mrs. Brooks heard Sullivan's cry for help and were able to stop the attack from going any further.

"We just happened to be in the right place at the right time,” said Mrs. Brooks.  “We hope other people would do the same."

Melody O'Connor then ran up and helped prevent Whitnie from losing any more blood.

"I just acted on instinct,” said O’Connor.  “My biggest thing is to see how well she is doing.  She looks amazing.  She's the courageous brave one.”  

Despite all that's happened, Sullivan remains optimistic.

"Do I ask, “why me?”  I don't,” said Sullivan.  “I know that I was given this trial for a reason and there is something I have to learn from it, and hopefully I'll be able to use it in the future.”

Robinson is currently being held in jail.

Robinson’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, July 18.