Construction on Route 6, near Linesville, is creating problems for the residents who live on a dirt road nearby.  Motorists are using that road as an unofficial detour, and the residents say the problems are many.


Residents of Wheeler Road, Conneaut Township,  are dealing with dust these days. Lots of dust.  Vehicles travel on the dirt road in front of their homes, leaving a plume of dust behind them.  Before construction started on Route 6, Wheeler Road might have seen 10 cars a day.  Now, there's over 100 a day, even more on the weekends. There's no speed limit posted, so it's not unusual to see a vehicle travel 50 to 60 miles per hour.

Wheeler Road is not the official detour for the Route 6 project, but locals know it's a shortcut to the other side of Route 6..and GPS probably brings others to use the road. The constant dust is rough on Jack Reynolds, 85.  It keeps him indoors.

"You look anywhere.  It's just dust, dust, dust., he said."


Neighbor Lewis Andrews says the dust is so bad that sometimes his house disappears when looking at it from a short distance. The neighbors have tried calling Conneaut Township supervisors. They have been told that the state no longer permits municipalities to use brine as a dust treatment on dirt roads, and there’s no other options.

So, Reynolds and Andrews go out to the road themselves and try to slow down the vehicles.

"Rude people.  You ask them to slow down, they give you the finger and drive faster.  They're in a hurry to get where they're going.  They're not concerned about who lives on the road or anything else," Andrews said.

The Wheeler Road residents may have to put up with the dust for awhile. The Route 6 construction project is not going to be completed until next month.