No longer will you have to make the trip down Interstate 79 to Meadville to sink your teeth into one of the offerings from Cannon's Chop House.

We joined some early diners as they sampled food and drinks from a wide collection on the restaurant's menu.

From appetizers, salads, and of course, the steak

“Steaks are definitely the star of the show.” General Manager at Cannon's Chop House, Jay McElhinney said

Monday's opening will be the result of months of hard work and planning. The custom-designed space in the peach tree place plaza is just the tip of the iceberg.

Owners had eyes on an Erie location as much as five years ago.


And everything from, an updated menu, to the staff itself was all carefully crafted.

And the Meadville-based restaurant chain is ready to show Erie what they're made of.

“We want you to come in, forget about your problems, forget about anything going on, and just be our guests.”

The opening of the Erie location is just the beginning of an expansion plan already in progress by the restaurant. We’re told the next stop is in Grove City. And from there, they'll continue to take a look all around the area to try and find a place to connect with more steak fans. 

As for the current fans trying out the place…

“I like that it's a steakhouse because I like to have hamburgers.” Diner, Owen Sarbak said

"This is an absolute gem out here for Erie." Fellow diner, Tyler Schubert said

The restaurant has much more to offer in the way of food and drink, and they’re taking reservations. 

The Chop House is scheduled to open Monday morning for lunch at 11:00 and will operate Monday-Sunday.
For more details, you can visit their website.