Today's the first day we could get a look at that grand jury report on that panel's 18-month long investigation into claims of sex abuse against clergy members in six catholic dioceses across Pennsylvania.

It's expected to paint a decidedly 'not' pretty picture of those priests and lay-people, as well as some church leaders who perhaps could have done more to stop the abuse.

However, it’s the victims who are on edge as they await the release of the report. Many of these victims have waited years for this day to come, to finally see their abusers named in public.

Erie News Now caught up with one of those victims, James VanSickle who says he was abused by former Father David Poulson, dating back to 1979.

VanSickle has been a point person for sexual abuse victims in the church on Facebook. He even created a group bringing many of the victims together.

Wednesday is the first day that the report could be released, however it must be released by August 14th.

VanSickle has been in contact with the Attorney General’s Office, but says he isn't sure what day this report will be officially come down. VanSickle tells us he is feeling a mix of emotions when it comes to this report.

“There is some excitement about seeing what the report actually says, but on the other hand I’m sure everybody is feeling a lot of the same tightness.” VanSickle said.

“Every minute is only a minute, but it feels like an hour," he added.