Parking just got a lot easier in the city of Erie.

The Erie Parking Authority launched its new parking app for your cell phone, and also installed a new, modern parking meter system in the downtown area.

The new kiosk-type meters, outside of the county courthouse on west 6th street, will allow drivers to pay with their debit, credit, a pre-paid card, or coins.

This is just going to be a demo for 60 days to gather feedback.

On Thursday, the Parking Authority also launched a new app for your smart phone, that allows you to add more time to your meter without ever having to walk outside.

It's called meterEZ. You can pay for your parking on your phone, by entering the meter number and choosing the amount of time and clicking pay. It will notify you when your meter is about to expire. You’ll no longer have to carry around quarters for parking, “The people who want to use quarters are still more than welcome to do so. But those of us who typically don't carry coins or are typically on the go and have the ability to, we can use the mobile app or credit card device, so it’s basically a convenience and solution,” said Christopher Friday, Deputy Director of the Parking Authority.

You can find the new mobile app on I-Tunes or in the Google Play Store, it's all one word, spelled meterEZ.

The developers say it is a new app, just launched,m and they welcome any feedback to improve it, "It is a new app and while it works great, there may be things you observe while using it that you might want to give us some feedback on, and we welcome that and we'd like to implement it as soon as possible," said Nate Wheeler of weCreate and meterEZ.