A lot of work going on today to get ready for this weekend's 40th annual Italian Festival at St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church in Erie.

Volunteers today were busy preparing food.

And there will be lots of it, and all homemade.

Crews today were working on a couple of big favorites, the Italian love cake and cream puffs.

The festival will also cook up about 6,000 meatballs, 500 pounds of sausage, 1500 spaghetti dinners and 12000 bowls of pasta fagioli.

Organizers say they could not do it without scores of dedicated volunteers.

Festival Chairman Ron DiVecchio said, "We have about 200 volunteers and I would venture to say more than half of them come from a different parish. They help out. If we did not have the volunteers that come from other places we would not be able to put this on."

While food is the centerpiece of the festival it also features music, games and worship services.