Three of the four defendants charged in the shooting death of an Erie man during an attempted robbery, have learned their fate in court.

Two of the defendants will spend the rest of their lives in prison.

The other, could soon be free.

Taisha Santiago, 27, and Jalen Reynolds, 25, were convicted of second-degree murder in connection to the shooting death of 28-year-old David Tate.

On Thursday, Judge Daniel Brabender sentenced Reynolds to life in prison with no parole, plus an additional 9 to 18 years.

Santiago was then sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Police say those two, along with 30-year-old David Dalton and 26-year-old Lashonta Dade conspired to rob Tate along East 20th Street, last June.

Prosecutors say the robbery escalated into deadly gunfire.

Tate’s friend Rashad Jones was also shot, but survived.

Tate's sister Deairra McClellan says that justice has been served.

"I'm pleased with the sentencing,” said McClellan.  “I mean, it's not going to bring my brother back, but it will out least do him justice.  So, it's some type of resolution for all of us.  Kind of a weight lifted off of us.”

Meanwhile, after entering a plea deal with the Erie County District Attorney's Office, Lashonta Dade was sentenced this afternoon, to serve 11.5 to 23 months in prison, followed by five years of probation.

Dade testified against Reynolds and Santiago and placed all four suspects at the scene of the crime.

Dade admitted to being Reynolds getaway driver.

Without her testimony, prosecutors say they may not have been able to make any arrests.

Meantime, David Dalton is not expected to go on trial until next January.