It's now official.   Ebert Beeman is a candidate for U.S. Congress.  Beeman made his formal announcement during a speech at Perry Square.

The last time he was in the political arena was in 2012 when he held a seat on Erie County Council.  A guilty plea to Social Security Fraud ended that career.  He spend a year and one day in jail.  Beeman is now back in the political arena running for Congress in the 16th District as the Libertarian Party candidate.

During his speech, Beeman explained why he is running for Congress..  He said he wants to be a congressman who will meet people face to face on a regular basis. He says he would work to eliminate the federal income tax, he would work to cut military spending by 60 percent, and would work to pass legislation that allows wage earners to opt out of Social Security. He also says he would work for transparency, and wants to put the government's checkbook online.

Beeman misses public service.  He humorously told of his struggle to get a steady job as a 69 year old man with a prison record.

”My dream was to get a job in a grocery store, but nobody would hire me.  So, I decided I couldn't get any honest work, so I decided to run for Congress,” he said.


Beeman was a resident of Waterford Township when he served on county council. He now is a resident of Harborcreek Township.