A change in the Erie School District's dress code is causing controversy and confusion. The district is not permitting students to wear hoodies during school hours.


During the last school year, students in the Erie School District were permitted to wear hoodies during the school day. They just weren't allowed to put the hoods up over their faces. It was a rule that many students did not obey.


So this year, the district’s dress code mandates that hoodies must be placed in lockers from" bell to bell,” and are not permitted to be worn during the school day.

Superintendent Brian Polito said when trouble broke out in school last year, many individuals put their hoods up and security cameras could not identify who may have been responsible for that trouble.

Also, students were so blatant in breaking the hoodie rule, that teachers and administrators grew tired of constantly having to enforce it. Many students were not paying attention in class because they had headphones or ear buds concealed under their hoods.

Polito hopes this year's dress code will eliminate last year's problems.


"One of the things that we're trying to put together right now is a hoodie exchange.  We haven't finalized that yet.  Students that do have hoodies, if they do want to bring them in and exchange them, we'll exchange it for a sweatshirt or something like that with the Erie School District or Royals logo on it,” he said.


There is confusion about the dress code.  The student handbook states that coats and jackets must also be placed in lockers from “bell to bell.” Some students are concerned that they will be too cold in some of the classrooms where there's constantly a lack of heat. There's currently a petition online with over 1000 names on it.

Polito says the district is only concerned about hoodies.