Another year of an Erie County jobs program called Summer JAM is coming to a close.

Gannon University hosted a party Friday for the eight young people who were assigned to work on campus this summer.

The students worked on the university grounds crew, held administrative and clerical jobs and also worked at Gannon's Recreation and Health Center.

Six staff members have been supervising the Summer JAM students since this year's program began at the end of June.

One student plans to enroll at Gannon University for the upcoming semester.

"This opportunity has helped me grow as a person professionally," said Bree Hill, a Summer JAM student. "I've learned a lot of different skills. I've been able to interact with a lot of professionals around Gannon, which is always nice. I actually was offered a job here in the fall."

This is the fifth year that Gannon University has participated in the Summer JAM program.

61 students have worked at the university during that time.