Months of patiently waiting, finally paid off for some area children, Wednesday, when they got to see dozens of butterflies take flight. 

The monarch butterflies spread their wings at the Erie County Department of Health's Pollinator Garden. Before the big release, the butterflies spent the summer months at the Blasco Library. 

Children visiting the Mead Children's Room, saw these butterflies get tagged, and then, tracked, as they often migrate to Mexico, where they spend their winters. 

A Master Gardner, Sue Scholz, says, "If a butterfly is found with a tag on it, they could go through their database and find out where and when it was released & use data to show how far it traveled and how fast."

The Pollinator Garden on West Second Street started in 2016, thanks to a grant from Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful. 

It's a collaboration between the Department of Health and the Penn State Cooperative Extension Master Gardners.