We’re continuing to follow the drama surrounding the leaders of the Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority. Recently the entire board of directors was forced to resign, but we're learning that a good number of people have already stepped up to fill those board positions.

This all comes after an unusual decision by Mayor, Joe Schember and County Executive, Kathy Dahlkemper to have the entire board step down. Since their resignations, applications for the open seats have been pouring in.

Erie News Now had the chance to sit down with County Executive, Kathy Dahlkemper to discuss the high interest in the position. Dahlkemper tells Erie News Now that they have over 30 applications and more continue to come in every day.

EMTA board members serve renewable four-year terms but it is not a paid position.
Dahlkemper says, she is not surprised by how many applications have come in.

She says the job is an extremely important one not just for the transit authority but for the whole community. 

“I think people have an interest in serving their community and a lot of people know how important transportation is,” Dahlkemper said.

“I think that's why we're getting so many applicants, it’s because people know that there is an opportunity for them to have a voice and that voice needs to be heard around that table, she added.”

Once in place, the new board of directors will also be tasked with leading the search for a new EMTA executive director.