ERIE, Pa. - Pennsylvania has become homefield for President Donald Trump. Wednesday’s stop in Erie was his fifth in the commonwealth since taking office 21 months ago.

He wasted no time touting his economic accomplishments, that have benefited that state that ultimately won him the presidency.

“We are putting our miners back to work, we are putting our steel workers back to work,” Trump said.

The President was in full campaign mode during the hour-long rally, stumping for the Republican Congressman Mike Kelly, who's in an increasingly tough reelection fight. Kelly built off the President's tagline, “Promises Made, Promises Kept.”

“What can we do to make the greatest of the Great Lakes better? I said ‘Mr. President, we need sand replenishment’,” Kelly said of a conversation with Trump. “And he said we’re going to get that sand.”

He also campaigned for U.S. Senate nominee Lou Barletta; Trump said Barletta ran for the seat upon his suggestion. Barletta trails by double-digits in recent polls to incumbent Democrat Bob Casey.

“This economy is so good that even Colin Kaepernick found a job,” Barletta quipped.

Trump even digging into the race for governor, inviting Republican nominee Scott Wagner and a slew of local GOP lawmakers on-stage before the rally.

But Trump made some news himself, doubling down on what’s a growing GOP narrative. In a rare move by a sitting President, Trump released an op-ed Wednesday in the USA Today insisting that the Democrats would destroy Medicare if they win in November. It's a tone he echoed in Erie, as well.

“Democrats support a socialist takeover of health care that would totally obliterate Medicare,” Trump said. “(Republicans) will always protect Americans with pre-existing conditions.”

By doubling down, Trump to get ahead of the message Democrats are starting to generate both on their campaign trail. Democrats are saying that's the only way Republicans can afford to pay for the 2017 tax cuts.