On Thursday night, family, friends, and others met for a “Take Back the Site” vigil outside a West Erie home.

People gathered to remember Vincent Force, 85, whose body was found buried behind the home in July.

They sang songs like “Amazing Grace” and “This Is Holy Ground.” Among the people there, was former State Senator, Buzz Andrezeski. Andrezeski says he called Force a good friend of his.

Police say, the Korean War veteran was abused in the care of his caregivers, and later died from his injuries.

Andrezeski had only found out about Vincent’s death after he willed himself to read a newspaper article he had left sitting on a table for several days.

When he finally looked at it, Andrezeski was in disbelief.

“I said oh my god, it’s Vince, it’s Vince.” Andrezeski said “It’s my friend.”

Force was later given a military funeral in September, but Andrezeski says it’s hard not to think about the way his friend went out

"It shouldn't happen to anyone on this earth." Andrezeski said

Even with the proper burial, people said the spot where his body was found served as a reminder of the violence which eventually killed him. So in the name of peace and positive memories, Andrezeski joined in on the prayer vigil. He said Vincent more than just a body in the ground.

"He was kind, he wouldn't hurt anyone, anyone." Andrezeski said

Buzz says the two would always trade a hello at a doughnut shop on West 26th St. and would later meet for a beer at Saucery, also on West 26th St.

Andrezeski said Vincent had a way of taking over a room with his personality.

With all those years of memories,  Andrezeski felt compelled to not only be at his friend's vigil but to say some words on his behalf, no matter how hard it may have been.

"It means a lot to me to be here and be able to say, my friend, we remember you, and we honor you." Andrezeski said