Survivors of clergy sex abuse say they plan to keep up the pressure on state lawmakers to make it easier for them to file lawsuits.

Right now, the statute of limitations prevents most victims from suing.

Survivor and member of "Stop Child Predators," Jim VanSickle, was in Erie urging the state legislature to pass a bill allowing a two year window for filing lawsuits.

The state house passed the legislation.

But it was never brought up for a vote in the senate despite marches, rallies and protests.

VanSickle says while the inaction is disappointing, he remains optimistic the bill will eventually pass.

He said, I know there is a lot of support. We have a lot of senators, Republicans and Democrats, reaching out and making statements that are positive about this bill. Even asking for a vote now from their leadership or the ability to vote."

The senate is back in session on November 14th, but survivors do not expect the debate over reforms to resume until January.