The Erie City School District has started looking into what maintenance their buildings need now that the $14 million approved by Governor Wolf in 2017 will be kicking in for this school year and beyond.

The district searched for architects and after reviewing recommendations, the group HHSDR Architects out of Pittsburgh, PA was hired. The group took about five months to deeply look at the district's buildings and what updates were necessary, upcoming or preventative measures.

At the Erie City School District's meeting Wednesday evening, the architects presented their recommendations. They prioritized updates based on urgency and necessity, and then separated them into multiple phases. For the first phase alone, the projected cost is $80 million over just three years.

Those renovations would include fixing roofs, HVAC systems, windows and security features. The renovations recommended in the first phase for the high school exceeded $20 million.

The meeting tonight was only informatory and no actions have been taken. The school board plans to extensively discuss the recommendations, but if approved the renovations could start as early as the end of this school year.