There is now a 17 year effort in place between Valu Home Centers and the Salvation Army.

The regional home improvement and hardware store chain, partners with the Salvation Army to help families in communities where the stores are located.

It's through a product sold at the store. This year, a First Alert, plug-in, carbon monoxide alarm, sold for just under $20, can help families stay safe in the winter season. In turn, $5.00 from every purchase of the item, will go to a local salvation army.

Major Colin DeVault from the Salvation Army in Erie, says, "The ministry of the Salvation Army is just to care for people in very practical ways, to meet their needs, right at the point of need." 

The Vice President of Marketing and Development for Valu Home Centers, Doug Wasiura, adds, "This is Valu's 50th year in business and we've always had that philosophy that you give where you live. Our customers have done so much for us over the 50 years and it's really important for us, that there's a portion of that, that we give back to the community, as well. And this is a great time to do it, around the Christmas season." 

The carbon monoxide alarms are available at all Valu Home Center locations.