No jail time ahead for the third man charged in the burglary of an Erie home, hours after two men drowned inside.

Majed Al-Jayashi, 19, admitted to a trespassing charge. He was originally accused of burglary.

Al-Jayashi was sentenced Tuesday morning to 7 years probation, and to pay $5,000 in restitution. We're told he did not receive a jail sentence because he cooperated with the commonwealth, and testified against his co-defendants.

It all happened the night of a huge storm last November. A basement wall of a home along East 30th street in Erie collapsed, killing two men who lived there.

Police said Al-Jayashi and two other suspects read about the deaths on Facebook, and a few hours later, broke into the home through a kitchen window.

They stole several items including TVs, a laptop, and credit cards.