It's not unusual to see dads on the sidelines of baseball or basketball games, but when it comes to the dance studio, it's not always a place where dads feel most comfortable.

The Erie Dance Conservatory on Edinboro Road is trying to change that, with their annual "Dad Dance Week.”

Erie News Now stopped by one of the classes Wednesday night.

Organizers say it's a great way for dads to check out what's happening in their kid's class. The dads say it's a great way to bond with their tiny dancer.

"It's a nice time for us to just break away from work, our regular life and spend time with our kids, and get to see what they do during their dance with Ms.Sarah," said Joe Bizzarro.

"I always joke that I'm not used to having very tall people in the studio and very inflexible people in the studio," said Director, Sarah Purvis. “But, everybody has such a great time with it."

One dad told us the class was actually a pretty good workout, and really shows them what kind of shape they're in.

And don't worry, they moms weren't left behind. They held a "Mom Dance Week" earlier in the year.