After hearing from the Facebook community and tallying up votes, the Humane Society of Northwestern PA now has a name for a very special pup.

Last week, they asked for your help in naming a puppy that's undergoing training to become a service dog for an area veteran. It's called the Shelter to Service program.

Thursday night, the Humane Society announced that puppy's name is Scout.

Scout's a 9-week-old lab mix, being trained by Sean Weese, a certified pet behaviorist and trainer with the Humane Society. He's been working with Scout, training him up to eventually be paired with an area veteran, free of charge. 

Scout still has some training ahead of him before he's ready to go. In the meantime, Humane Society officials say they're currently going through the process of finding the right veteran. They will be united with the pup on August 10, at the Humane Society's Rock-N-Rescue concert. 

You can follow Scout's journey on Instagram at, @scoutforservice.