A free Narcan distribution in Erie did not last long today.

All 120 nasal spray kits were gone in just two hours.

The distribution at the Blasco Library was part of a statewide effort spearhead by Governor Tom Wolf.

Narcan, also known as Naloxone, has been used primarily by first responders to reverse the impact of an opioid overdose.

Today's giveaway was designed to allow regular citizens to be able to help.

Many people in line today have been overdoses up close and in person.

Thomas Lee of Urban Outreach Ministries said, "I had two friends who died of overdoses. We were right there. Then I have had seven friends throughout the past two years that I knew personally very well, that have overdosed. One of them I know if Narcan had been available his life would have been saved."

Erie was one of 80 sites around the state where Narcan was distributed today.

The state spent about $380,000 on the effort.

Many critics on social media, say some of that money should have also been used to provide free insulin or epipens.