Pizza has been sold in America for over 100 years now and it's one of the most traditional foods for getting people together.

The first license to sell pizza in the United States was applied for in 1905 and then America's first pizzeria opened the same year. It is called Lombardi's Pizza in New York and is still open today.

In Erie, there are many pizzerias in town. From small businesses to chains, Erie has over 50 pizzerias in and around the city.

One of those is the locally-owned Donatos on West 8th Street, which is the only one in the entire state of Pennsylvania. The owner, Christina Vogel, is the only solo female franchisee in the company. "It's a lot of work, but I really enjoy it," Vogel said, "and we have a really good time. It's a great environment to work in."

Vogel says pizza creates community, "it's just a great tool to bring people together and when you think about birthday parties or Netflix and movies you want to have a pizza—the people you are with and sharing the time with—it's just a way that brings people together."

When asked about National Pizza Day, Vogel said, "National Pizza Day is a great day, but any day can be National Pizza Day. Pizza is always good, morning, noon or night!"