(WARREN, P.A. - WICU/WSEE/CW) – A near-capacity group of people from the area packed in for the two-hour special meeting on Monday night.

Both council and community members had another chance to view a presentation from PennDOT, and to weigh in on the status of the proposed roundabout.

According to Mayor of the City of Warren Maurice Cashman, the meeting was a joint decision between the city and PennDOT officials after PennDOT learned of dissatisfaction with the roundabout approval.

Cashman says he is in favor of the project.

Most of the people who spoke reiterated their disapproval to council and PennDOT officials due to safety concerns for cars, commercial trucks and pedestrians.

This was the second time PennDOT allowed comment, after previously holding a meeting in August of 2018.

In a 5-1 vote, council approved the project back in November of the same year.

Joining the list of opposed was Warren City Council member, John Lewis. Prior to Monday’s meeting, Lewis called for a council vote to rescind the original commitment to the project.

Lewis told PennDOT officials he did not feel the roundabout would improve driver safety.

The $2.5 million deal came with an alternate plan, which would rearrange traffic lights and provide an upgraded way for pedestrians to cross the street at the intersections of Market Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.

According to Mayor Cashman, if Lewis’s vote passes, the town will adopt the traffic lights, but if it fails, the roundabout will go in.

Some people we spoke with were fine with the light fix, but PennDOT reps maintain the roundabout would work best.

 “It provides some acceptable levels of service, but it doesn’t provide as good a level of service and it doesn’t improve the safety of the intersection like a roundabout would.” PennDOT District 1 Executive James Foringer said

“We’re encouraged that they’re listening and doing, from my perspective, what city council should be doing and listening to the concerns of the population and businesses within the city.” David Wortman/united refining

The final vote will take place at the normal council meeting on Feb 18. at 7 p.m.