AccuSpec Electronics on Hawthorne Drive in Summit Township makes the brains for many of the products we use daily.

"Everything is electronic these days.  A lot of people think of electronics, they think in terms of consumer electronics.  Whether it's their iPhone or something else.  We build industrial, medical and military equivalent.  So instead of the iPhone, we build furnace controls," said Ty Eggemeyer, CEO of AccuSpec.

Inside the walls of the 60,000 square foot facility you'll find several automated machines that place around two million chips per week on circuit boards.  The same circuit boards you'd find if you tore apart certain medical devices like oxygen breathing machines, commercial products, like blenders and even the main electrical boxes in locomotives.

That's just to name a few.

Beyond all the automated machines, and circuit boards, you'll find something the CEO and all the employees inside, are extremely proud of; the American flag.

"I don't proclaim to be a world citizen, I know it's not politically correct.  I'm an American, I want to create American jobs, okay?  I want good jobs and I do this partly because I love doing and I feel very fulfilled going home seeing what we're able to do here in Erie, Pennsylvania.  We can compete with anybody," said Eggemeyer.

In fact, Eggemeyer says they recently took a very large customer contract away from a company in Mexico, bringing the jobs instead to the United States.  And that's something 11-year employee Wanda Rhoades will never take for granted.

"Oh, everybody needs a job and with the economy we keep growing and I know we're going to grow.  I know I have a job here.  Why would I go out and look in the economy when I have job security here," said Rhoades.

And speaking of job security, they're looking to secure dozens more employees to their payroll this year.  They currently have more than 200 workers on staff, but business is booming.

"We had a 50 percent growth last year.  We have 50 percent growth this year.  And we'll have 50 percent growth next year.  I think this year we have to hire 40 to 50 new people.  We're going to end up netting at for the year, hiring roughly 125 to 135 people," said Eggemeyer.

But what's the secret to success?

"We have the scale to be able to compete.  We're large enough to compete, small enough to be nimble and flexible and that's part of the key of AccuSpec," said Eggemeyer.