Students at Collegiate Academy, are getting hit with a tuition increase.  It's part of the budget, approved by the Erie school board, last Wednesday.

It includes raising tuition, to $3,400, for current students who attend the school out of the district.

Freshman looking to attend, in the Fall, will be paying $4,200.

Although it will cost more to attend, parents still think the high quality of education, at Collegiate, is what's important.

"It's ranked #2 in the state," said Scott Graef, a parent of a ninth-grader who will start at Collegiate in September. 

"It was #1 last year.  The Newsweek 2011 poll has them at 137th in the country across all public schools.  So, they really are top caliber, they have top flight education at a very reasonable cost and if I had to cut back elsewhere, I would have done what it would've taken to get my son there within reason."

This increase only affects students who are out of the Erie school district, as students in the district are not required to pay tuition.