The Erie police SWAT Team is set to add a new vehicle to their lineup.
The SWAT Team is getting a new armored vehicle, it's called a Lenco BearCat.
They're set to pick it up from the manufacturer in the next few weeks.
It costs $230,000 dollars.
And it's being paid for through the Region-2 Terrorism Task Force Grant.
The SWAT Team uses their current armored vehicle a lot, especially during hostage and barricaded gunmen situations.
"We need protection. Out in front of the house all we have is just an open street, so if we have to deliver tear gas we can use that (vehicle) for protection or if we have to evacuate citizens or anything else. It's just a great tool to have and something to protect everybody." Said Commander of the SWAT Team, Lt. Les Fetterman.
Police are set to pick up the new vehicle by the end of the month.