For 80 years now, American Tinning & Galvanizing has stood at the corner of West 12th and Cherry St.

"In 1931 my grandfather incorporated American Tinning & Galvanizing.  His brother, Harry, took over the leadership.  Harry had three daughters, so he took my dad under his wing and the leadership passed to my father.  My sister had a tenure here spanning over about 10 years, retired after the death of my dad and it was my turn," said CEO Robin Scheppner. 

It's the family atmosphere that's kept Ed Boyd around for 39 years.

"Good company to work for.  It's been family owned, they treat you like family," said Boyd, the anodizing foreman. 

Many companies can say they're family owned.  Not so many can say they're woman owned.  But CEO Robin Scheppner is used to working with the guys.

"Part of my work background before coming back to Erie in 2004 was I was in construction management.  So, I was often the only woman on a construction site wearing a hard hat," said Scheppner. 

So what do they do?  Basically anything that deals with protecting metal.

Three of their four services deal with preventing corrosion.  Galvanizing, electroplating and anodizing all make sure important metal components will last long into the future.

The other service is called fabrication.  They make racks and tanks for other metal finishers across the country.

They can finish pieces as simple as something that will go on a cabinet, all the way to pieces that will go on an airplane or helicopter.  And speaking of airplanes and helicopters, aerospace is something that's becoming a niche.

"Five years ago we undertook the rigorous process of being certified by the National Aerospace Defense Contractors Accreditation Program, NADCAP.  What NADCAP does for us is it brings work in from outside Erie," said Scheppner. 

They're one of 16 companies in the country, and the only one locally, to have this certification.

This, along with steady growth since 2004, has American Tinning & Galvanizing poised to stay at West 12th and Cherry St. for a long time to come.