When you grab a bite to eat, would you ever imagine maybe that food came from Curtze Food Service in Erie?  Maybe you should.

"We are a full line food service distributor.  We sell food to restaurants, hotels, hospitals, country clubs.  Anything that's food away from home," said Bruce Kern II, president of C.A. Curtze Company.

They've been around now for 133 years, selling just about every food product you can think of from their massive warehouses.  Millions of dollars in food, shipped in and out all week long.  A business that continues to grow.

"One thing about our industry is that it's a pretty steady business.  People do need to eat and even in hard times they will go out to eat.  They might make different food choices when they go out to eat, but they'll still go out," said Kern. 

When it comes to seafood and meat, they even cut it and package it fresh.  Something that may surprise you is the last time you visited a local restaurant and ordered a steak, there's a pretty good chance it may have come from inside Curtze's meat cutting room.

"We're center of the plate basically.  So when you go to a restaurant and you want to get that steak, that sizzle, that's what we do.  Not only have people from the area had our food but we've served presidents, we've done food for the Kentucky derby, General schwarzkopf, I mean there's a lot of people that have had our products," said Heather Kosinski, operations manager of the specialty steak service department. 

And even if you leave Erie, you're still more than likely going to eat some of their products.

"We have about 8,800 active customers in a seven state area," said Kern. 

With five generations of family ownership, more than 300 employees in the area, no matter how big they get, they have no plans to leave.

"We're just glad to be a part of the community and proud of our employees," said Kern.

If you're interested in working at Curtze Food Service, head to their web site at www.curtze.com