Finish Thompson Incorporated on Greengarden Boulevard in Erie was founded in 1951.

But it started off as something completely different than what it is today. With a totally different name.  according to CEO Casey Bowes.

"We made finishing equipment, hence the name Finish Engineering was the name of the company in 1951. In the 70s we bought a company called Thompson Manufacturing who was on 12th street and they made drum pumps," said CEO Casey Bowes.

When they merged the two together in 1989, Finish Thompson was born.

They decided to stick to mostly pumps.  Centrifugal and drum pumps to be exact.  Pieces of equipment that simply transfer liquids and chemicals from point A to point B.

"Today 90 percent of our sales are pump related and then 10 percent are what we call solvent recycling equipment and distillation," said Bowes.

Maybe one of the best aspects of Finish Thompson is they are worldwide.  So they're constantly shipping products out and bringing money back in to Erie.

"For the most part everything that we make goes outside of Erie, Pennsylvania" Bowes said.  "We're an exporter.  Which is something to be proud of because we're bringing money into the region with every product that we sell."

"When I first found out about that, our stuff all over the world, it's just amazing how many places there are and go to and everything.  All the different types of pumps we have is just unbelievable," said pump assembler Rick Kacprowicz.

And Finish Thompson is better now, than they've ever been.  Selling millions of dollars of products each year.

"We're 25 percent ahead of last year and last year was our best year ever.  So we're growing pretty quickly," said Bowes.

Being busy is something pump assembler Rick Kacprowicz will never complain about.

"Right now we're really busy so if it just keeps going and going, as long as it doesn't slow down.  As long as I have a job 10, 15 maybe 20 years from now, I'll be happy," said Kacprowicz. 

Finish Thompson is just another example of a thriving local business.

"People don't think of erie as always a cutting edge, innovative city.  But our products and some of the other products at the other companies here in Erie are just that," said Bowes.