Yesterday, the executive director of the Erie Redevelopment Authority announced he was stepping down. It did not take long for the authority to name a replacement.

Kim Green was named director during a special meeting of the authority today.  The appointment comes only one day after Larry Bossolt announced he was stepping down as director. Green has spent the past five and a half years at Erie City Hall, serving as the Economic and Community Development Director.

"I think it will be a very smooth transition," Green said. "I'm familiar with the programs they run. I'm familiar with the work that they've been doing. I'm now able to come in and hit the ground running with this."

Authority Chairman Chris Mong said Bossert had been planning to leave the executive director's post for the past few months.  He said Green's familiarity with the authority made her a perfect choice to succeed Bossolt.

"Once we knew she showed some interest in the position, we came to an agreement, the whole board, that she was a good fit for us at this time," Mong said.

In her position with the city, Green worked hand-in-hand with the authority to create owner-occupied housing in the downtown area.  Projects included the transformation of the Mercantile Building into a condominium complex.  She also was involved with a plan to build townhouses near Union Square.

"I've been very happy to be part of that development, the improvements to the park, the city's role in that, and the city's role in the streetscaping that's taking place now," Green said.

Only half of the Mercantile condos are occupied, and city residents have been waiting to see when the first of the townhouses will be built. Green believes the projects will be successful. She says she is ready to guide the authority with other projects to eliminate blight, and to make the city a better place to live.

Mayor Joe Sinnott says he does not yet know who will take over Green's former post at City Hall.