Something happened to Anita Rose Marcoline about 35 years ago.

"Just something inside of me, a fire lit, when I found out about the coffee business and it's just been fun for me ever since.  I don't think I'll ever retire, I think I'll be here forever," laughed Marcoline, the owner of McCormick Coffee Company.

McCormick Coffee Company is located on Liberty Street in Erie.  Anita took full ownership earlier this year.

"I am really pleased to be a certified woman owner as of this year.  It comes with a lot of responsibility and a lot of perks.

One of those perks; she gets to bring her furry friend to work.

"His name is Woody and he's a Sheltie.  He's our mascot, that's right," she laughed.

Together, Anita, Woody, and the other nine employees, distribute coffee, equipment and services to offices, restaurants and other businesses in the area.  And one thing they've been distributing an awful lot of, is single cup machines.

"The Keurig single cup coffee brewer is undoubtedly the future of the business.  We have one right here, this machine is able to do virtually any type product that you want by the single cup," said John Machuga, sales and operations manager. 

Although business is good at McCormick Coffee Company, they admit business has been tough.  That's because recently coffee hit a 20 year high.

"We hit three dollars a pound over the summer and then it dropped back.  The market has almost doubled since last year," said Marcoline.

"It's very difficult.  We try to hold our prices to the best of our ability, but we did have a price increase this year.  And it's very tough to raise prices.  We don't want to do it.  We have to, though, sometimes," said Marcoline.

And sometimes it just takes a good cup of Joe to get through the day.

"Two really strong black cups of coffee every day," said Marcoline.

"I probably go through, easily, eight to ten cups of coffee a day," laughed Machuga. 

It's safe to say at eight to ten cups a day, John Machuga found his perfect job.

"It's great.  Not only do I get to do the things I love, but I get to go out and share that with our customers and many of them are just as passionate about a great cup of coffee as we are," said Machuga.