Kidder Wachter Architecture in Erie is an eight person agency specializing in just about everything architecture related; Corporate, private, even outdoor public spaces.

"Our reason for existence is to make buildings serve their clients as best as possible, better than they think they can," said partner Jeff Kidder. 

"It's an invisible, anonymous profession that no one really knows that you've done it or even know you exist," said partner Chip Wachter.

Founded in 2005 by Jeff Kidder and Chip Wachter, they do what architects do; Listen to their clients needs then design a plan.  And their agency is beginning to play a pretty big role in what we see every time we drive along State Street, or anywhere downtown.

They've served as the architects for projects at UPMC Hamot, Erie Sports Store, Erie Insurance, and the ongoing redevelopment of Perry Square, just to name a few.

Their passionate about their work here, because this is their home.

"We both went away, studied away, worked in other towns and then came home because we understood we wanted to make Erie a better place," said Wachter.

"After living in other places and always eventually feeling like a visitor in all of those places, the opportunity to come home was adventurous because you knew what was here and you knew what could be done," said Kidder. 

And what better building could their offices be located than in the oldest documented building in Erie; the Dixon Tavern.

"It's an awesome opportunity.  Everything just fell into place.  The building needed us as much as we needed it," said Wachter. 

And if they have it their way, downtown Erie will be an overall better place.

"I like making things better.  I don't wake up every day and say how can I do something mediocre or bad.  I wake up every day to make things better," said Kidder.

"Ultimately it's not about the buildings it's about helping people and just Erie being a small community.  It's about getting to know these people over the course of decades and helping them," said Wachter.