It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas inside Potratz Floral Shop and Greenhouses.  With trees, decorations and gifts galore, the company is proving it's a lot more than just flowers.

"I mean you come in here and people are like I never realized it was so big and you do so much.  So that's one of the interesting things," said owner Jim Potratz. 

Started in 1919, the family-run company offers flowers and plants, special events decorating, landscaping and much, much more.  It's the variety that floral designer Kathy Shade loves about her job.

"My favorite part is that it's different every day.  It's not the same grind, I don't do the same thing every day.  We have wonderful customers and I know them by name, they know my face, and it's just nice," said Shade. 

Even though it's December and it's cold outside, Potratz doesn't stop.  With thousands of plants growing inside of the greenhouse, it truly is a 365 day-a-year operation.

"It goes on all year long.  Certainly there's certain seasons where we're crazy busy selling and installing and designing but the rest of the time we're always preparing for those times," said Potratz. 

"We work 365 days a year.  We start at eight o'clock in the morning and work until five or 5:30 every night. The holiday seasons we stay here until the following day's work is done. There's a lot behind the scenes," said Shade.  

And like most florists across the country, this local shop has gone worldwide, with online orders.  It's actually helping their business grow.

"Well it brings us business too from people who are out of this community that place orders.  And we're one of the top thousand FTD florists nationwide and that includes florists that might have four locations," said Potratz. 

He says it also helps them get any flower species their customers order at any time of the year.  And speaking of a certain flower species, Potratz wanted to take a second to clear up a little myth about their current number one seller.

"A lot of people think that poinsettias are poisonous and they're not.  They do have a sap that can be irritating to some people, or some animals, but they're not going to kill the family pet," said Potratz.