From its exterior on West 11th St., Arvite Technologies doesn't look like much.  But inside, the sparks fly as all different types of machines create custom sheet metal parts.  Mounts, plates, covers and much more.  Their number one selling product is sheet metal frames that will eventually be made into industrial microwaves.

"I usually tell people we have microwaves for industrial use, growing cultures, so on and so forth.  Medical, that type of thing," said employee Randy Swanson.

"Typically these parts go into enclosures or frames that are used in covers that go into pharmaceutical equipment," said President and Owner Bud Martin. 

What Martin says sets Arvite apart from other manufacturers is how precise they are.  They even have a laser quality control machine that double checks their work to make sure it's 100 percent accurate.

"Everything has to be exact.  Whether it's a diameter, an omproute, whether it's a punched hole, a form, a recess, whatever that is whether it's a formed part, through the press breaks, whether it's a welded component, everything has to meet the customer's demand," said Martin.

It was all started back in 2001 with just four employees.  Now, with 20 on staff, Arvite continues a slow and steady growth.

"We've had our second best year last year in the calendar year 2011.  We're looking for another banner year to top our 2008," said Martin. 

And as they grow, they continue to hire.  In the coming months they'll add a second shift and several new jobs.  But one thing they struggle with is finding qualified workers.

"We struggle with that every day.  Looking for the right people and letting the schools in the area know that this is the type of people we're looking for," said Martin. 

But Martin is confident Erie is and will continue to be the best spot for his company to thrive.

"There's a good discipline within the people and just the whole makeup of this industrial area was the main draw," he said.